Sunday, September 25, 2016

Helping Hands, Smiling Faces: One Way You Can Make Your Community a Better Place (and Benefit at the Same Time!)

Ask yourself what do you have, not just things, but time and even the smallest skills and virtues.

You don’t have to go seek out the most needy. We all need something. Just walk out your door to find someone that needs something you have.

Take time out to imagine acts of kindness and keep your eyes peeled for opportunities.

Get with strangers or neighbors or friends and form a regular group with the goal to help each other with big and small needs.

Ask each other if anyone can help, even partially, even an idea, even a “I know someone that knows someone.”

Commit to everyone staying until everyone has at least one problem solved or has received a promise to solve it.

Trade skills, teach someone something even if it’s just five minutes on how to upkeep something to make it last longer.

Trade empowering stories of challenges you faced that have a positive ending.

Give yourself a chance to catch a glimpse into an unknown part of a friend’s life, just because you all got together and were vulnerable and open in a different kind of way.

Allow others to help you realize and remember skills you didn’t think you had, didn’t appreciate or forgot you knew.

Build up a can-do attitude for each other and actually git ‘er done!


No one should suffer in silence.

There is always something to be grateful for.

Everyone has something to contribute in any given moment.

When you live a life in an attitude of pay it forward to make the world a better place, a new perspective is possible and a whole new world of wonderment opens up to you.

This universe is one of infinite possibilities and it’s a lot easier to believe this if you are kind to others without expectation or condition.


I appreciate all that you freely give.

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Love and Gratitude,


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