Sunday, September 25, 2016

Appreciation of the Dollar as a Representation of the Flow of Energy in the Universe

Money is currency (a medium of exchange) - it is energy waiting to flow. Using money facilitates the exchange of energy, representing the bigger flow of energy in the universe, Shakti if you will.

From The Fool to the Magician: Looking intFrom The Fool to the Magician: Looking into the Aether with Beginner's Mind __ artwork copyright 2014 Vicky Luppergero the Aether with Beginner's MindAccepting it's place in our world; having a healthy appreciation of what it represents in your life, at the core - beyond attachments, beyond opinion of the system it operates within in this speck on the timeline, allows further honoring not just the baser survival instincts, but the flourishing growth of the soul in this earthly plane.

Pull a dollar bill out of your pocket and look at it - see beyond definitions of fiat, corruption, banking, greed. Is that what that dollar really is to you, but you still use it?

If but for a few moments, see it as energy you received and energy you will give, a little battery holding onto and keeping safe the pure life force of your being, so that you can store it up and collect it, releasing it like one huge ball of chi to do things more powerful than you could moment to moment. No one owns or controls that.

If you can, without expectation and with true love, receive and release dollar bills, or 1's and 0's in your bank account, you are well on your way to mastering some of the secrets of the universe. Money flowing is a model of flowing energy in your life, in this sense, and is easy to see, and so you can begin to see the ebb and flow of Shakti in the universe, even beyond this physical existence. 

I could do the same thing with chickens or bags of rice, but they are more difficult to stick in my pocket.

Love and Gratitude,


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