Saturday, April 1, 2017

We’re All in This Together: Yummy Surprises and Good Vibes

We're all in this together, right? No one does it all on their own. From the building you call home, to the toilet you sit on... even if you have no friends or family and you live a solitary life... be glad you don't have to find the metal ore, smelt it, reinvent the wheel, find oil, figure out how to refine it and make it into plastic, etc., etc. just so you can drive a car. We are all interconnected, even when we never meet the people who built our house, or that toilet, or delivered the lumber, or reinvented the wheel to help prevent collisions. We don't just acquire money, set it on a rock, say magic words and make a delicious sandwich appear. 

It takes people. Just imagine all the truck drivers in the United States said, "Screw it, I don't even care if I am late on my bills, I quit." All our lives would change within days. I love having stuff delivered to my door - especially food. So, as long as there are still people delivering products - I get to enjoy delicious surprises in a box every month. Degusta is really on to something good here. Last month I meant to take pictures of all the food I got for the introductory rate of 10 bucks, but... I started eating some of it right away... and well it just never happened. But the website has lots of pictures of sample boxes. My next box is on its way. It's $20 but I will happily pay it if it's anything like last month. This wasn't cheap stuff and it wasn't some weird collection that you wouldn't know what to do with. They obviously put some thought into it. They sent hummus mix and a can of chick peas. They sent canned organic chicken and some sauce to go towards a meal. There were even some fancy imported preserves and some fancy candy.

So what's this got to do with being in this together? I'm all about exploring new trends in shopping and finding deals, and there is always going to be some things I'm not too happy with, but this is not one of them. I think everyone not on a restrictive diet should let themselves be surprised and give up a little control over their lives so they can try new things. It's not Christmas morning or 4th of July fireworks, but it's a worthwhile experience on several levels.

So... I want you to try this!           
You have to eat, right?

The boxes always have more than $20 worth of food in them, so even if you don't like something, you can use it as an opportunity to share with a friend or neighbor. (When is the last time you spoke to your neighbor? When is the last time you did something nice for them just because?)
The first box is only $9.99 and you can easily cancel (this is one thing I look for with a company - how hard do they make it to cancel? This option is easily found on the Degusta website and it only takes a click of a button.)

What do I get besides good feelings knowing someone else is enjoying yummy surprises every month? It's something you will have the opportunity to experience as well - for every two people I have sign up using my coupon code, I get one box free. Theoretically, if enough people sign up and use my code, this will effectively keep me fed while I go back to college. This will, in turn, take some stress off me so I can focus more on actually learning something. (This 40-year-old brain isn't quite as spry as it used to be!)

Maybe knowing that will give you a warm feeling inside. Maybe you just want the food. Either way, visit Degusta Box and enter code VICKYL-2DE2 at checkout and get ready to be pleasantly surprised!

Love & Gratitude,



Monday, September 26, 2016

All Outta Bubblegum: What I Learned from “They Live”

"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all outta bubblegum." 

On the surface the movie "They Live" may seem like an average sci-fi flick with gratuitous violence. However, when it comes to John Carpenter, there simply must be several layers of meaning.

There's the "big brother as alien" message... but then there's a deeper message about finding purpose in life and the self-discovery that eventually happens as we travel that path; going inward to fight the demons in the shadows of our mind, so that we can live an ever increasing purposeful life with passion.

Putting yourself into the shoes of the protagonist, you are seeing the aliens "live it up" at the expense of all useless eaters of the world. As you fight their quiet dominance over your freedom, you can start to discover what it is you are fighting for. "They live", but are they truly living - or just skimming the surface, distracting themselves with the comforts of the material world; seeking to control others to get what they think they want? Being disturbed by their lifestyle perhaps is just a window of opportunity to see what also lives in us.

I see the fight for freedom from materialistic aliens running the show from behind the curtain as an analogy for the inner struggle to conquer that which keeps us from putting on a brave face, looking at the bigger picture, and living life from a place of honesty and discernment – with a purpose greater than chasing our own petty moment-to-moment desires of comfort.

Runs on Bhakti GOlf Cart__Bumper Sticker artwork Copyright 2015 Vicky Lupperger

What if we stopped judging others long enough to take a look inward and witness our motives for making "them" our external enemy? Perhaps we'd eventually tap into that well of boundless creative energy that feeds our zest for life.  Perhaps we’d discover the still quiet voice reaching out from a deeply centered part of ourselves and realize it’s always been speaking to us – our mind was just too cluttered to get most of the messages. And just maybe we’d begin to toss aside the illusion of the only option is to pick something from the continual array of “choices” shoved in our face and realize we have only but to cast aside that veil and ask in any given moment:  What do I decide? What’s next? What did I want five minutes before someone told me I had to “choose” this or that?
What if… we saw beyond our victim mentality and judgments about what the world was doing to us, and asked ourselves – “What can I do?”

That's a step on the pathless path of bhakti.  It starts from the heart - flowing outward.

As for myself – I’m all outta bubblegum.

Love and Gratitude,


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Helping Hands, Smiling Faces: One Way You Can Make Your Community a Better Place (and Benefit at the Same Time!)

Ask yourself what do you have, not just things, but time and even the smallest skills and virtues.

You don’t have to go seek out the most needy. We all need something. Just walk out your door to find someone that needs something you have.

Take time out to imagine acts of kindness and keep your eyes peeled for opportunities.

Get with strangers or neighbors or friends and form a regular group with the goal to help each other with big and small needs.

Ask each other if anyone can help, even partially, even an idea, even a “I know someone that knows someone.”

Commit to everyone staying until everyone has at least one problem solved or has received a promise to solve it.

Trade skills, teach someone something even if it’s just five minutes on how to upkeep something to make it last longer.

Trade empowering stories of challenges you faced that have a positive ending.

Give yourself a chance to catch a glimpse into an unknown part of a friend’s life, just because you all got together and were vulnerable and open in a different kind of way.

Allow others to help you realize and remember skills you didn’t think you had, didn’t appreciate or forgot you knew.

Build up a can-do attitude for each other and actually git ‘er done!


No one should suffer in silence.

There is always something to be grateful for.

Everyone has something to contribute in any given moment.

When you live a life in an attitude of pay it forward to make the world a better place, a new perspective is possible and a whole new world of wonderment opens up to you.

This universe is one of infinite possibilities and it’s a lot easier to believe this if you are kind to others without expectation or condition.


I appreciate all that you freely give.

Please see my Patreon page to read about my work in the yoga nidra field. Find out how your pledge can help (and see what goodies I offer my patrons!)

Love and Gratitude,


Appreciation of the Dollar as a Representation of the Flow of Energy in the Universe

Money is currency (a medium of exchange) - it is energy waiting to flow. Using money facilitates the exchange of energy, representing the bigger flow of energy in the universe, Shakti if you will.

From The Fool to the Magician: Looking intFrom The Fool to the Magician: Looking into the Aether with Beginner's Mind __ artwork copyright 2014 Vicky Luppergero the Aether with Beginner's MindAccepting it's place in our world; having a healthy appreciation of what it represents in your life, at the core - beyond attachments, beyond opinion of the system it operates within in this speck on the timeline, allows further honoring not just the baser survival instincts, but the flourishing growth of the soul in this earthly plane.

Pull a dollar bill out of your pocket and look at it - see beyond definitions of fiat, corruption, banking, greed. Is that what that dollar really is to you, but you still use it?

If but for a few moments, see it as energy you received and energy you will give, a little battery holding onto and keeping safe the pure life force of your being, so that you can store it up and collect it, releasing it like one huge ball of chi to do things more powerful than you could moment to moment. No one owns or controls that.

If you can, without expectation and with true love, receive and release dollar bills, or 1's and 0's in your bank account, you are well on your way to mastering some of the secrets of the universe. Money flowing is a model of flowing energy in your life, in this sense, and is easy to see, and so you can begin to see the ebb and flow of Shakti in the universe, even beyond this physical existence. 

I could do the same thing with chickens or bags of rice, but they are more difficult to stick in my pocket.

Love and Gratitude,