Friday, June 30, 2017

There is Truth Hidden in Between the Beat of Electronic Drums: Drugs are Training Wheels to Help Us Remember Our Divinity

So the song goes...

Let's go back in a time machine, to ancient India, and smoke hashish with Lord Shiva.

That statement has multiple layers when you look past the purely external physical world in which we believe we are adept at navigating, but is our personal Plato's Cave. Drugs are training wheels (that can become a permanent crutch) to show you what is there, that we are always connected to the Source. Drugs provide just a hint of what you are capable of unleashing using the divine powers within. Mind is beyond time, our true Self is a timeless changeless being. Lord Shiva is the personification of pure consciousness, that divine spark within that is ever expanding without boundaries. Drugs can allow you to experience what is already there, but once you know, also know this - that power to become consciously aware of the eternal union is already within. This is no set of ruby slippers that anyone can take from you. Often this is called “connecting,” but we are always plugged in - it is just a matter of clearing away the debris and remembering.

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